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History of Releases

Version 1.1.1136

  • release date: January 14 2022
  • installation files available here
  • implements a simulation inspector, allowing the user to single-step through and backtrace the execution of a simulation
  • added volume rendering as a heatmap to plot the results of three-dimensional simulations
  • adds the ability to specify floating-point precision in text outputs of simulation results
  • adds tooltip text to the title of each window to display the name of the originating reaction file
  • adds a Close All Plots button to the scheme window
  • each simulation now tracks the total number of events simulated
  • simplified communication between GUI and simulation engine
  • reformatted debug output
  • The following bugs were fixed:
    • corrected representation of an unsigned integer as a signed integer in the simulation engine
    • corrected an error that occurred when the user sets limits in waterfall plots
    • corrected an error that produced spurious and confusing line segments in two-dimensional plots
    • corrected the creation of a malformed XDMF file when multiple species were specified

Version 1.1.956

  • release date: January 13 2020
  • installation files available here
  • Improved readability on MacOS user interface operating in dark mode
  • added a script file for conveniently starting Kinetiscope on some Linux versions
  • implemented a direct export of 3D simulation results without first creating a 3D plot window

Version 1.1.940

  • release date: October 28 2019
  • open plot windows are saved when a reaction scheme file is closed or when a simulation is started (user-selectable behavior)
  • the user can now select the file name when exporting an XDMF file
  • in 3D plots, plot orientation angles can now be manually entered
  • several utility buttons that perform common actions have been added to the Simulation Settings|General Settings page
  • improved operation of 3D plot windows on MacOS to be more consistent with other platform behaviors
  • improved handling of strings containing unicode and international characters
  • new options have been added to the Simulation Settings|Options page for tuning simulation speed
  • the About dialog now displays Kinetiscope's memory usage
  • several improvements in initializing concentration from external text files
  • the user may now resume a simulation that has reached a preset elapsed time limit or an event count limit
  • a surface plot may be exported as a two-dimensional matrix of points in csv format
  • added the ability to import and export reaction steps and transfer steps in text format from/to csv files
  • The following bugs were fixed:
    • export of a concentration plot from a surface plot window is now scaled correctly
    • fixed locale issue that confused the meaning of commas and decimal points on non-English language platforms
    • modified wrapped transfer paths so that they have editable color attributes
    • fixed issue when file paths contain Hangul characters

Version 1.1.812

  • release date: November 26 2017
  • installation files available here
  • adds a new version of Kinetiscope for Raspberry Pi
  • adds ability to set a numeric range for the color map of volume plots
  • adds the capability to rename a species throughout the scheme
  • adds a new type of window to display histograms of step selection frequency covering the entire reaction scheme
  • implements on x86/x64 platforms the fastmath expd function to speed up rate constant calculations
  • adds the capability in the object selector dialog to select multiple ranges of transfer paths
  • double-click of mouse on a 3D plot now allows the user to shift the location of the graph in the plot window
  • adds a new type of window that displays an auxiliary scheme diagram scaled to true compartment dimensions
  • 3D graphing functions reworked to improve performance
  • The following bugs were fixed:
    • added missing Z label and corrected incorrectly assigned check boxes in 3D Options Dialog
    • fixed issue in Object Selector Dialog where ranges were not correctly expanded
    • added a forced recalculation of all probabilities in compartments if virtual diffusion is in use
    • fixed issue where under some circumstances an exported image file of a plot was not provided a default file name

Version 1.1.743

  • release date: March 4 2017
  • adds a Go To Layer... menu item for three-dimensional schemes
  • The following bugs were fixed:
    • some transfer paths are not visible in three-dimensional schemes
    • some wrapped transfer items are not selectable
    • incorrect coloration of wrapped transfer paths

Version 1.1.741

  • release date: March 1 2017
  • implements reaction file compression to reduce file size (note that the new file format cannot be read by earlier versions of Kinetiscope)
  • multiple species can now be selected when selecting 3D plots
  • adds hyperlink to Kinetiscope web site and pushbutton check for new version availability
  • adds a search dialog to locate and modify all usages of a species in a scheme
  • implements capability to resume a simulation the user has interrupted
  • added broader capabilities to create XDMF files
  • 3D plotting functionality is reworked for improved speed and capability
  • implements multithreading to improve user response
  • The following bugs were fixed:
    • last point is not saved when halting a simulation at a user-designated time
    • changes to species database entries are not always saved
    • species data is not included when pasting a compartment
    • zoom scaling issue with 3D plots
    • tic mark lengths are not correctly calculated
    • user save of PNG files is not functioning
    • group box borders are missing on Linux platforms
    • program crashes during import of CKS files

Version 1.0.593

  • release date: August 30 2016
  • installation files available here
  • implements export of CSV, binary and XDMF files from 3-D plots to enable viewing in external visualization applications
  • enhances the Advanced Selection dialog to allow arbitrary lists and ranges of columns, rows and layers to be selected
  • modifies the Plot External Data function to allow reading of old-style Macintosh text files
  • adds a debug log viewer dialog
  • revises help file locator function and optionally allows the user to manually locate the help file directory
  • corrects rare behavior where a three-dimensional simulation using exchange diffusion exhibits underflow

Version 1.0.570

  • release date: February 2 2016
  • corrects behavior when deleting and pasting transfer steps in the Transfer Path Editor Dialog
  • required 32-bit runtime libraries are now installed with the 32-bit Windows version of Kinetiscope

Version 1.0.558

  • release date: May 6 2015
  • initial release
  • includes application, user manual and examples
  • for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
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