Working with Scheme Windows

A scheme window allows you to construct, modify and operate on Kinetiscope's reaction schemes.

single reactor scheme

Each scheme window has tabbed pages that group specific features. You select a tab to work with by left-clicking the mouse on its title listed in the tab bar along the top of the scheme window.

The name and the type of the reaction scheme is displayed in the title bar at the top of the window. The current status of the reaction scheme is shown on the status bar at the bottom of the window.

There are three variants of scheme windows, one for each type of reaction scheme (single reactor, compartmental and three-dimensional). The variants share most features, with the principal difference being how the compartments and transfer paths that comprise each scheme are presented, viewed and edited in the scheme display area of the Scheme Page.

Scheme Window Tabs and Pages

The Scheme Page
allows you to modify the contents of the reaction scheme. A tool bar provides buttons for use in building and editing the scheme. The details of how this is done depend on the type of scheme window:
The Reaction Conditions Page
allows you to set the specific conditions that are to be simulated. You may define here, for example, temperature, pressure and volume behavior during the simulation.
The Species Data Page
is used to set, if necessary, physical properties of each species you have defined in the scheme. The properties that must be defined depend on the reaction conditions you have chosen.
The Simulation Settings Page
allows you to set specific parameters that control the behavior of the simulation engine.
The User Notes Page
provides a place for you to enter a text description of the mechanism, details about the scheme, and so on.
The Information Page
displays statistical information about the reaction scheme and its history.